One of the many teams that answers Dr. K's call for help

(inspired by Kousoku Sentai Turboranger)

Bio Edit

They are more than happy to come help

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

Kosokusentai turboranger 8254
Color Character Face Claim
Red Turbine Ranger Jesse Bonnet Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Black Turbine Ranger Phil Lund Freddie Prinze Jr.
Blue Turbine Ranger Leonard Neal Jared Leto
Yellow Turbine Ranger Kai Stamp Seth Green
Pink Turbine Ranger Scarlett Jacobsen Alicia Silverstone

Allies Edit

  • All Legendary Ranger Teams

Villains Edit

  • All Legendary Ranger Villains

Arsenal Edit

Morpher Edit

  • Turbine Morpher

Sidearms Edit

  • Turbine Laser

Individual Weapons Edit

  • Turbine Sword
  • Turbine Hammer
  • Turbine Gun
  • Turbine Bow
  • Turbine Stick

Team Cannon Edit

  • Turbine Bazooka

Vehicles Edit

  • Turbine Speeders
  • Turbine Attacker

Zords Edit

Legend: piloted zord, auxiliary zord, combo-assist zord, other

  • Turbine Ultrazord
    • Super Turbine Megazord
      • Turbine Megazord
        • Turbine GT
        • Turbine Truck
        • Turbine Jeep
        • Turbine Buggy
        • Turbine Wagon
      • Turbine Rugger
    • Turbine Speed Zord
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