The first ever team of Rangers and the start of a Legacy that would lead us to some noteworthy team ups later on down the line.

(Inspired by Himitsu Sentai Gorenger)

Bio Edit

The First Team of Rangers is recruited when an evil organization called the Dark Crusaders launch an attack against Earth.

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

Color Character Face Claim
Secret Squadron Red Ranger Patrick Danielson Rob Lowe
Secret Squadron Blue Ranger Kyle Turner Luke Perry
Secret Squadron Yellow Ranger Elijah Brighton Skeet Ulrich
Secret Squadron Pink Ranger Katherine Pickens Molly Ringwald
Secret Squadron Green Ranger Jack Wilkins Anthony Michael Hall

Allies Edit

  • Commander Hershel Peterson
  • Cyber Card Rangers
  • All other Legendary Ranger teams

Enemies Edit

  • Dark Crusaders
    • Dark Crusader Commander
    • Sun Halo Mask
    • Iron Man Mask
    • Volcano Mask

Arsenal and Attacks Edit

Weapons and Attacks Edit

  • Rockets
    • (New) Red Bute
      • Spear Bute
      • Drill Bute
      • Red Hunter
    • Silver Shot
    • (Ultra) Blue Arrow
    • Yellow YTC Radio
    • Yellow Staff
      • Rock
      • Paper
      • Scissors
    • Pink Mirror
    • Pink Card
    • Pink Bombs
    • Green Puncher
    • Green Boomerang
  • Squadron Storm/Squadron Hurricane

Vehicles Edit

  • Red, Blue, and Green Cycles
  • Red, Blue, and Green Stars
  • Squadron Tank
  • Squadron Balloon

Zords Edit

Legend:✶ team-piloted zord

  • Secret Squadron Flying Fortress
  • Squadron Jet
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