One of many Ranger teams to answer Dr. K's call for help

(inspired by Ressha Sentai ToQger)

Bio Edit

the first Ranger team to have both a Purple Ranger and an Orange Ranger

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

Color Character Face Claim
Railway Rescue Red Darrin Lukeson Kendall Schmidt
Railway Rescue Blue Samuel Watts Carlos Pena Jr.
Railway Rescue Yellow Nina McLain Katelyn Tarver
Railway Rescue Green Langdon Leonardson James Maslow
Railway Rescue Pink Cherry Mayer Erin Sanders
Railway Rescue Orange Stuart Reed Logan Henderson
Railway Rescue Purple Terence Rutherford Avan Jogia

Allies Edit

  • All Legendary Ranger Teams

Villains Edit

  • All Legendary Ranger Villains

Arsenal Edit

Morpher Edit

  • Railway Rescue Morpher
  • Railway Phone Morpher

Multi-Use Devices Edit

  • Railway Trains
  • Rainbow Pass

Sidearms Edit

  • Railway Rescue Blaster

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon Edit

  • Railway Rescue Cannon
    • Railway Rescue Sword
    • Railway Rescue Shooter
    • Railway Rescue Hammer
    • Railway Rescue Ax
    • Railway Rescue Claw
  • Railway Breaker
  • Hyper Railway Cannon

Zords Edit

  • Hyper Railway Rescue Ultrazord
    • Railway Rescue Ultrazord
      • Railway Rescue Super Megazord
        • Railway Rescue Megazord
          • Red Train Zord
          • Blue Train Zord
          • Yellow Train Zord
          • Green Train Zord
          • Pink Train Zord
        • Railway Rescue Diesel Megazord
          • Diesel Train Zord
          • Tank Train Zord
          • Carrier Train Zord
      • Bild Train Zord/Build Train Battle Mode
    • Hyper Train Zord/Hyper Train Battle Mode
    • Drill Train Zord
    • Police Train Zord
    • Fire Train Zord
    • Shield Train Zord
  • Safari Train Megazord
    • Lion Train Zord
    • Eagle Train Zord
    • Wildcat Train Zord
    • Alligator Train Zord
    • Panda Train Zord
  • Claw Train
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