New Rangers emerge and they are known as Wind Rangers.

(Adapted from Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger)

Bio Edit

In the year 2003, Lothor attacks Earth and three students become the Wind Power Rangers, they are later joined by two brothers who are the Thunder Power Rangers and Cam who is the Samurai ranger.

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

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Color Character Face Claim
Red Wind Ranger Shane Clarke Pua Magasiva
Blue Wind Ranger Tori Hanson Sally Martin
Yellow Wind Ranger Dustin Brooks Glenn McMillan
Crimson Thunder Ranger Hunter Bradley Adam Tuominen
Navy Thunder Ranger Blake Bradley Jorgito Vargas Jr.
Green Samurai Ranger Cameron Watanabe Jason Chan

Allies Edit

  • Sensei Kanoi Watanabe
  • Kelly
  • Miko Watanabe
  • Cyber Cam
  • Dino Thunder Power Rangers
Red Dino Ranger Connor McKnight
Blue Dino Ranger Ethan James
Yellow Dino Ranger Kira Ford
Black Dino Ranger Tommy Oliver
White Dino Ranger Trent Fernandez-Mercer
  • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Red Overdrive Ranger Mack Hartford
Black Overdrive Ranger Will Aston
Blue Overrive Ranger Dax Lo
Yellow Overdrive Ranger Ronny Robinson
Pink Overdrive Ranger Rose Ortiz
Mercury Ranger Tyzonn
Knight Sentinel Knight
  • Retro Rangers
Black Ranger Adam Park
Yellow Dino Ranger Kira Ford
S.P.D. Red Ranger Bridge Carson
Green Mystic Ranger Xander Bly

Villains Edit

  • Lothor
  • Marah and Kapri
  • Zurgane
  • Choobo
  • Vexacus
  • Motodrone
  • Shimazu
  • Beevil
  • Kelzaks
  • Evil Ninja Rangers

Arsenal Edit

Morphers Edit

  • Wind Morphers
  • Thunder Morphers
  • Samurai Amulet
  • Lightning Morpher

Multi-Use Devices Edit

  • Power Discs

SIdearms Edit

  • Ninja Sword
  • Thunder Staff

Individual Weapons and Team Blasters Edit

  • Thunderstorm Cannon
    • Storm Striker
      • Hawk Blaster
      • Lion Hammer
      • Sonic Fin
    • Thunder Blaster
      • Crimson Blaster
      • Navy Antler
  • Samurai Saber

Special Weapons Edit

  • Lightning Riff Blaster
  • Thunder Blade

Power-Up Edit

  • Super Samurai Mode
  • Tri-Battlized Armor

Vehicles Edit

  • Ninja Gliders
  • Tsunami Cycles
  • Mobile Command Center
  • Ninja Glider Cycle
  • Dragonforce Vehicle

Zords Edit

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord, ➲ carrier zord, ◇ combo-assist zord

Ninja Zord System Edit

  • Hurricane Ultrazord ●●●●●●●●●●
    • Hurricane Megazord ●●●
      • Ninja Firebird ●●●
        • Power Sphere 15: Firebird Tail
        • Power Sphere 16: Firebird Body
        • Power Sphere 17: Firebird Claws
      • Thunderstorm Megazord
        • Minizord
          • Power Sphere 7: Minizord Body
          • Power Sphere 8: Minizord Legs
        • Storm Megazord/(Lightning Mode)
          • Hawkzord
          • Lionzord
          • Dolphinzord
        • Thunder Megazord
          • Crimson Insectizord
          • Navy Beetlezord
      • Samurai Star Chopper/Samurai Star Megazord
    • Mammothzord
    • Power Sphere 1: Serpent Sword
    • Power Sphere Combo 01: Flail Combo
      • Power Sphere 2: Ram Hammer
      • Power Sphere 3: Turtle Mace
    • Power Sphere 4: Spin Blade
    • Power Sphere Combo 02: Turbine Combo
      • Power Sphere 5: Lion Laser
      • Power Sphere 6: Squid Drill
    • Power Sphere 10: Bee Spinner
    • Power Sphere 11: Sting Blaster
    • Power Sphere 12: Spider Catcher
    • Power Sphere 14: Star Blazer
  • Power Sphere 9: Ninja Scarf
  • Power Sphere 13: Super Stamp

Alternate Combinations Edit

Alternate Megazords

  • Samurai Storm Megazord
  • Samurai Thunder Megazord
  • Thunderstorm Ultrazord

Storm Megazord

  • Storm Megazord with Serpent Sword
  • Storm Megazord with Ram Hammer
  • Storm Megazord with Turtle Mace
  • Storm Megazord with Ninja Scarf
  • Storm Megazord with Super Stamp
  • Storm Megazord with Star Blazer
  • Storm Megazord with Turbine Combo
  • Storm Megazord with Flail Combo

Thunder Megazord

  • Thunder Megazord with Spin Blade
  • Thunder Megazord with Sting Blaster
  • Thunder Megazord with Serpent Sword

Samurai Star Megazord

  • Samurai Star Megazord with Bee Spinner
  • Samurai Star Megazord with Spider Catcher

Thunderstorm Megazord

  • Thunderstorm Megazord with Serpent Sword and Flail Combo
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