One of many Ranger teams to answer Dr. K's call for help.

(inspired by Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman)

Bio Edit

They tend to be very willing to help but are caught up in a battle when they get the call but show up as soon as they're done.

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

Color Character Face Claim
Geo Force Red Walt Maddison Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Geo Force Blue Ty Davies James Franco
Geo Force Black Collin Read Joey Lawrence
Geo Force Pink Judie May Sarah Michelle Gellar
Geo Force Yellow Esther Whelan Jennifer Love Hewitt

Allies Edit

  • All Legendary Ranger Teams

Villains Edit

  • All Legendary Ranger Villains

Arsenal Edit

Morpher Edit

  • Geo Force Morpher

Sidearms Edit

  • Geo Force Blaster

Individual Weapons Edit

  • Geo Force Sword
  • Geo Force Frisbees
  • Geo Force Cutter
  • Geo Force Baton
  • Geo Force Whip

Team Cannon Edit

  • Geo Force Cannon

Vehicles Edit

  • Geo Force Cycles

Power-Ups Edit

  • Geo Force Armor

Zords Edit

Legend: piloted Zord, 2-pilot Zord, auxiliary Zord, unpiloted Zord

  • Geo Force Ultrazord
    • Geo Force Super Megazord
      • Geo Force Megazord
        • Geo Force Sky Alpha
        • Geo Force Carrier Beta
        • Geo Force Land Gamma
      • Geo Force Carrier
    • Geo Force Base
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