One of the teams of Legendary Rangers that comes to help when Dr. K makes the call.

(inspired by Dai Sentai Goggle V)

Bio Edit

Each ranger is based off a different gem, they fight villains and help save the earth from evil.

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

Color Character Face Claim
Red Ruby Ranger Reggie Graham Mark Hamill
Black Emerald Ranger Blake Benson George Clooney
Blue Sapphire Ranger Sam Michaels Mark Harmon
Yellow Opal Ranger Quincy Tyler Leonardo DiCaprio
Pink Diamond Ranger Pandora Ally Sheedy

Allies Edit

  • All Legendary Ranger teams

Enemies Edit

  • All Legendary Ranger Villains

Arsenal Edit

Morphers Edit

  • Gem Morpher

Sidearms Edit

  • Gem Sabers

Individual Weapons Edit

  • Red Rope
    • Red Ruby Whip
  • Black Clubs
    • Black Emerald Nunchucks
  • Iron Gauntlets
  • Blue Ring
    • Blue Sapphire Jet Ring
  • Yellow Ball
    • Yellow Opal Megaton Ball
  • Yellow Hammer
  • Pink Ribbon
    • Pink Diamond Baton
  • Pink Mirror

Vehicles Edit

  • Gem Machine
  • Gem Cougar

Zords Edit

Legend: 2-person zord, ◆ 1-person zord, ➲ carrier zord

  • Gem Caesar /
  • Gem Megazord
    • Ruby Jet
    • Sapphire Tank
    • Opal Truck
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