Despite not being the first Power Rangers team they are the first to respond when Dr.K calls for reinforcements from past Ranger teams.

(Inspired by Denshi Sentai Denziman)

Bio Edit

This Legendary team of Rangers was put together when their world was threatened like most ranger teams before and after them, They are the first Legendary ranger team to answer Dr.K's call for help.

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

Infpicmain 8204
Color Character Face Claim
Electric Spark Red Zachary Pearson Donny Osmond
Electric Spark Blue Ben Castle Ralph Macchio
Electric Spark Yellow Zander Hawthorne Wil Wheaton
Electric Spark Green Xavier Stark Chad Lowe
Electric Spark Pink Stacy Daniels Lisa Whelchel

Allies Edit

  • All Legendary Rangers

Villains Edit

  • All Legendary Villains

Arsenal Edit

Morphers Edit

  • Electric Spark Ring

Sidearms Edit

  • Electric Spark Stick
  • Electric Spark Punch

Vehicles Edit

  • Electric Spark Cycle
  • Electric Spark Buggy
  • Electric Spark Boats

Zords Edit

Legend:✶ team-piloted zord, ➲ carrier zord

  • Electric Spark Tiger
  • Electric Spark Fighter
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