A Legendary Ranger team who answer the call for help sent by Dr.K. They arrive last

(Inspired by Kagaku Sentai Dynaman)

Bio Edit

The last Legendary ranger team to arrive and at first very resistant.

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

Color Character Face Claim
Dyna Battalion Red Ranger Oliver Andrews Brian Krause
Dyna Battalion Black Ranger Matthew Beck Johnny Depp
Dyna Battalion Blue Ranger Archie Morgenstern George Michael
Dyna Battalion Yellow Ranger Tyler Parker Don Most
Dyna Battalion Pink Ranger Taylor Parker Olivia Newton-John

Allies Edit

  • Legendary Ranger Teams

Villains Edit

  • Legendary Ranger Villains

Arsenal Edit

Morpher Edit

  • Dyna Morpher

Sidearms Edit

  • Dyna Saber

Individual Weapons Edit

  • Dyna Swords
  • Cross Cutter
  • Battle Armor
  • Dyna Net
  • Dyna Frisbee
  • Surf Jet
  • Attack Board
  • Chain Crushers
  • Dyna Bomber
  • Rose Saber
  • Flower Shield
  • Rose Finale

Vehicles Edit

  • Dyna Falcon
  • Dyna Cycle

Zords Edit

Legend:◆ 1-person zord,   2-person zord, ➲ carrier zord

  • Dyna Fortress
  • Dyna Megazord
    • Dyna Jet
    • Dyna Mobile
    • Dyna Garry
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