The Ranger return to fight evil against Heckyl and Snide.

(Adapted from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

Bio Edit

The rangers get new powers, weapons and allies to aid in the fight against Heckyl and Snide.

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

Color Character Face Claim
Dino Charge Red Ranger Tyler Navarro Brennan Mejia
Dino Charge Black Ranger Chase Randall James Davies
Dino Charge Blue Ranger Koda Yoshi Sudarso
Dino Charge Green Ranger Riley Griffin Michael Taber
Dino Charge Pink Ranger Shelby Watkins Camille Hyde
Dino Charge Gold Ranger Sir Ivan of Zandar Davi Santos
Dino Charge Aqua Ranger James Navarro Reuben Turner
Dino Charge Graphite Ranger Prince Phillip III Jarred Blakiston
Dino Charge Purple Ranger Kendall Morgan Claire Blackwelder
Dino Charge Silver Ranger Zenowing Alistair Browning

Allies Edit

  • Keeper
  • Heckyl

Villains Edit

  • Sledge's Crew
    • Snide
    • Sledge
    • Poisandra
    • Fury
    • Wrench
    • Curio
  • Lord Arcanon's Crew
    • Lord Arcanon
    • Singe
    • Musician Duo
      • Screech
      • Conductro
  • Vivix
  • Spikeballs

Arsenal Edit

Morphers/Sidearms Edit

  • Dino Blade Blaster
    • Dino Charge Morpher
    • Dino Saber
  • Gold Ptera Morpher
  • T-Rex Super Charge Morph Blaster
    • Dino Charge Morpher
    • T-Rex Super Charge Morpher
  • Titano Charge Morpher

Cockpit Control Sword Edit

  • Dino Super Drive Saber

Multi-Use Devices Edit

  • Energems
  • Dino Chargers

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon Edit

  • Dino Spike
    • T-Rex Chopper
      • T-Rex Smasher
      • Para Chopper
    • Triple Spike
      • Stego Shield
      • Raptor Claw
      • Tricera Drill
  • Gold Ptera Saber
  • Royal Dino Punch
  • Ankylo Quake
  • Titano Saber
  • Silver Strike

Communication Devices Edit

  • Dino Com

Vehicles Edit

  • Dino Cycle

Zords Edit

Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ● other

Dino Charge Zord System Edit

  • Dino Charge Ultrazord
    • Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego Formation
      • T-Rex Zord
      • Stego Zord
      • Tricera Zord
    • Para Zord
    • Raptor Zord
    • Titano Zord/Titano Charge Megazord
  • Ptera Zord/Ptera Charge Megazord
  • Spino Charge Megazord Ankylo-Pachy Formation
    • Spino Zord
    • Ankylo Zord
    • Pachy Zord
  • Plesio Zord/Plesio Charge Megazord

Alternate Combinations Edit

Dino Charge Megazord

  • Dino Charge Megazord Stego-Raptor Formation
  • Dino Charge Megazord Para-Raptor Formation
  • Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Ankylo Formation
  • Dino Charge Megazord Para-Stego Formation
  • Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego-Ptera Formation
  • Dino Charge Megazord Ankylo-Pachy Formation

Ptera Charge Megazord

  • Ptera Charge Megazord Para-Raptor Formation
  • Ptera Charge Megazord Pachy Formation
  • Ptera Charge Megazord Ankylo Formation
  • Ptera Charge Megazord Para Formation
  • Ptera Charge Megazord Tricera Formation

Plesio Charge Megazord

  • Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex Formation
  • Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy Formation
  • Plesio Charge Megazord Para Formation
  • Plesio Charge Megazord Raptor Formation
  • Plesio Charge Megazord Ankylo Formation

Spino Charge Megazord

  • Spino Charge Megazord Para-Raptor Formation
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