When a new threat emerges a new group of rangers must fight.

(Inspired by J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai)

Bio Edit

Based in New York, the new group of rangers must fight a new evil to protect the Earth.

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

JAKQ team
Color Character Face Claim
Cyber Spade Peter Larson David Cassidy
Cyber Diamond Allen Franks Ron Howard
Cyber Heart Kelly Prescott Erin Moran
Cyber Club Branson Potter Anson Williams
Cyber One Charles Arcola Scott Baio

Allies Edit

  • Commander Joker
  • All other Legendary Ranger Teams

Villains Edit

  • Shine
  • Iron Claw

Arsenal Edit

Morphers Edit

  • Strengthening Capsules

Weapons Edit

  • Cyber Gear
    • Cyber Bow
    • Cyber Sword
    • Cyber Ring
    • Cyber Club
    • Cyber Baton

Team Cannon Edit

  • Cyber Cannon

Vehicles Edit

  • Cyber Vehicles
    • Spade Machine
    • Mach Diamond
    • Heart Buggy
    • Club Cycle
  • Sky Ace
  • Jack Tank

Zords Edit

Legend:✶ team-piloted zord

  • Sky Ace
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