Set in the future and battling an enemy named Evox the Beast Morphers arrive.

(Adapted from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters)

Bio Edit

Set in the future a new group of Rangers known as Beast Morphers are recruited to fight Evox.

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

Color Character Face Claim
Beast Morphers Red Devon Daniels Rorrie D. Travis
Beast Morphers Blue Ravi Shaw Jasmeet Baduwalia
Beast Morphers Yellow Zoey Reeves Jacqueline Scislowski
Beast Morphers Gold Nate Silva Abraham Rodriguez
Beast Morphers Silver Steel Jamie Linehan

Allies Edit

Grid Battleforce Edit

  • Commander Shaw
  • General Burke
  • Blaze
  • Roxy
  • Ben Burke
  • Betty Burke

Beast Bots Edit

Animal Name
Cheetah Cruise
Gorilla Smash
Jackrabbit Jax
Beetle Steel

Civilians Edit

  • Adam Daniels
  • Muriel Reeves
  • Sudsey

Villains Edit

  • Evox's Virus
    • Evox
    • Scrozzle
    • Tronics
    • Gigatronics
Designation Name Face Claim
Cybervillain Blaze Blaze (avatar) Colby Strong
Cybervillain Roxy Roxy (avatar) Liana Ramirez
  • Robotrons/Gigadrones
    • Cycletron/Cycledrone
    • Needletron/Needledrone
    • Shoveltron/Shoveldrone
    • Slicertron/Slicerdrone
    • Meltatron/Meltadrone
    • Railtron/Raildrone
    • Vacuutron/Vacuudrone

Arsenal Edit

Morpher Edit

  • Beast-X Morpher
  • Striker Morpher

Multi-Use Devices Edit

  • Morph-X Keys

Individual Weapons and Team Weapons Edit

  • Cheetah Beast Blaster

Sidearms Edit

  • Beast-X Cannon
    • Beast-X Blaster
    • Beast-X Saber

Vehicles Edit

  • X-Bike

Other Devices Edit

  • Transporters
  • Neural Aligners

Zords Edit

Beast-X Megazord System Edit

  • Beast-X Ultrazord
    • Beast-X Megazord
      • Racer Zord/Racer Zord Battle Mode
      • Wheeler Zord/Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode
      • Chopper Zord/Chopper Zord Jackrabbit Mode
    • Wrecker Zord
    • Jet Zord
Dino Charge Red Ranger Tyler Navarro Brennan Mejia
Dino Charge Black Ranger Chase Randall James Davies
Dino Charge Blue Ranger Koda Yoshi Sudarso
Dino Charge Green Ranger Riley Griffin Michael Taber
Dino Charge Pink Ranger Shelby Watkins Camille Hyde
Dino Charge Gold Ranger Sir Ivan of Zandar
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