One of many teams to answer Dr. K's call for help

(inspired by Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger)

Bio Edit

They hadn't realized other Ranger Teams exited til they got the call but they are more than willing to help

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

Zyuohger 02
Color Character Face Claim
Animal Kingdom Eagle/Gorilla/Whale Ranger Davis Lynch Leon Thomas III
Animal Kingdom Shark Ranger Mia Vann Victoria Justice
Animal Kingdom Lion Ranger Kristopher Hardwick Nathan Kress
Animal Kingdom Elephant Ranger Oscar MacFarland Peyton Meyer
Animal Kingdom Tiger Ranger Vera Boone Ariana Grande
Animal Kingdom World Ranger Austen McClellan Corey Fogelmanis
Animal Kingdom Bird Ranger Colton Steele Tyler Blackburn
Animal Kingdom Condor Ranger Thomas MacGuire Ian Harding

Allies Edit

  • All Legendary Ranger Teams

Villains Edit

  • All Legendary Ranger Villains

Arsenal Edit

Morpher Edit

  • Animal Kingdom Cube Morpher
  • Animal Kingdom Light Morpher
  • Animal Kingdom Change Gun
  • Animal Kingdom Cube Morpher Final

Individual Weapon and Team Weapons Edit

  • Eagle Sword
  • World Blaster Rod

Sidearms Edit

  • Animal Kingdom Blaster

Zords Edit

"Legend:" piloted zord, 2-person zord, auxiliary zord

Main Edit

  • Animal Ruler Ultrazord
    • Animal Kingdom Super Megazord
      • Animal Kingdom Wild Super Megazord: Bear Axe/Panda Axe Mode /
        • Animal Kingdom Wild Super Megazord
          • Animal Kingdom Megazord: Bazooka Mode
            • Animal Kingdom Megazord
              • Eagle Cube Zord
              • Shark Cube Zord
              • Lion Cube Zord
            • Giraffe Cube Zord
          • Animal Kingdom Wild Megazord: Drill Mode
            • Animal Kingdom Wild Megazord
              • Gorilla Cube Zord
              • Tiger Cube Zord
              • Elephant Cube Zord
            • Mole Cube Zord
          • Bear Cube Zord /Panda Cube Zord
        • Animal Kingdom World Megazord: Boomerang Mode
          • Animal Kingdom World Megazord
            • Wolf Cube Zord
            • Crocodile Cube Zord
            • Rhino Cube Zord
          • Bat Cube Zord
    • Whale Cude Zord/Whale Cube Zord: Battle Mode
  • Condor Cube Zord /Condor Cube Zord: Wild Mode

Auxillary Edit

  • Leopard Cube Zord
  • Octopus Cube Zord
  • Platypus Cube Zord
  • Owl Cube Zord
  • Zebra Cube Zord
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